Why choose a Quooker tap?

Imagine a tap that not only looked great, but could also help you save energy, create a safer kitchen environment, and dispense hot, cold, boiling, sparkling and chilled water in an instant. The Quooker tap really does tick all of these boxes.

It works by fitting a small tank in your kitchen cupboard that you can then link to the boiling water tap on your worktop. Connected to the water mains, this tank acts like a vacuum flask ensuring the air in the insulated wall is so thin that the heat is unable to escape.

The best thing is, you don’t even have to take our word for it. With the celebrity approval of many celebrity chefs, the Quooker has even been seen in the Celebrity Masterchef kitchen – it really is the real deal. If you do need a little more persuading, let us take you through all the benefits of the Quooker today.

Why you should consider a Quooker tap…

Have everything you need at an arms length
Your Quooker dispenses everything from the same tap: hot, cold, and boiling water and, in combination with the CUBE, cool, sparkling and filtered water! This helps your kitchen experience become all the more efficient.

The water is dispensed at boiling temperature – 100 degrees
Instant boiling water can cut a large amount of waiting time when it comes to cooking, or helps that so desperately needed cup of coffee reach your lips before the kettle has even had time to boil.

It helps to create a safer kitchen environment
The Quooker tap dispenses it’s boiling water in a steady flow, using a spray format with an aerated form. This allows you to pass a hand through it without fear of scolding yourself. This is even more beneficial if you have young children using the kitchen who could have previously be at a higher risk of injury when using a kettle.

It has a longer life
The Quooker tank can be opened and rinsed out from time to time, ensuring it will be helping you in the kitchen for a long time to come.

You can save energy and money!
The Quooker’s perfect high-vacuum insulation means that it only costs 3 pence a day to have boiling water at hand, exactly when you want it.  What’s more, the Quooker ensures that you always have the exact amount of boiling water you need. And you will really save money if you choose the COMBI tank, which supplies all of your kitchen’s hot water too. By generating both hot and boiling water in a single compact tank under your worktop, the COMBI eliminates the need to pipe hot water all the way from the main boiler to kitchen sink. No more running the tap for ages to get hot water and you’ll see big energy savings too.

You can check out the full range of Quooker taps, including colours and stylish finishes, by clicking here!

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