5 Reasons to opt for a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can make a striking centrepiece to any kitchen. Not only do they look great and give your kitchen another dimension, but they also have many benefits when it comes to utilising your kitchen to it’s full potential.

If you have some additional space beyond the area that has been allocated to units and appliances, an island is definitely something to consider when you’re going through the process of designing your space with our design consultants.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to commit to a kitchen island, here are some of the advantages to including one in your home transformation…

Extra Storage Options
When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, more often than not the more storage you can achieve the more grateful you’ll be in the long run.
A lack of storage can contribute to cluttered benches that get in the way with your kitchen’s day to day use.
Whether you use your island to stock up on wine bottles ahead of the weekend (or weeknights – we won’t judge), or you just need an extra place for your unusually large mug collection – a kitchen island is there to save the day. You can customise the island units to ensure it meets your storage requirements.

Additional Seating
Whether you need an extra space for the children to do their homework, or a spot for someone to sit and chat to you whilst you cook up the next meal – the kitchen island provides a great alternative to typical dining room seating.
A seating area with a more casual twist, the kitchen island can also provide you with the optimum hosting space for the inevitable return to normality in the future.

More Worktop Space
Even when you think you’ve factored in enough worktop space for your needs, the reality is you probably haven’t! Add a kettle, toaster, and microwave to the picture – and you’ve often got less space to prepare than you originally thought.
A kitchen island opens up new possibilities for kitchen prep, giving you a whole new area to chop, peel and grate without feeling confined or short of space.

Extra Appliances
Whether you need a new home for your kitchen, kettle and toaster, or just want a place to make to home something new – an island also provides you with the opportunity to expand your appliance collection.
If an integrated drinks fridge is your think, these can easily be incorporated in the design process, and give your kitchen that added luxurious touch. Other appliances or amenities you could include in your island could be a fridge, a hob, a dishwasher, or even an oven.

Improve Time with Family
A kitchen island is often the heart of any kitchen, the perfect place for your family to gather first thing in the morning or at the end of a long day. Whether you want to get your kids baking & cooking, or just want to keep a close eye on them whilst they finish off their homework, this additional seating space ensures that they will always be close by.

If an island is the perfect addition missing from your kitchen, we are still offering our free quote and design service and have a range of promotions available with up to 50% off selected kitchen ranges.. Alternatively, if we still stock the range that your current kitchen is designed in and you are looking for an island to add on, we can design one to match what you’ve already got in place. Get in touch to find out more.

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