Storage Inspiration for your Kitchen

Before taking your kitchen transformation from concept to reality, there are a number of things we can work on with you throughout the design process to ensure your new space is efficient and functions to your needs as an individual or family.

Storage is a great example of a customisable aspect that can be adapted based on what you want to get out of your space. With various different options available, there really is something to help everyone through day to day kitchen living.

Today, we thought we’d talk you through a number of the different storage options available, and how they could benefit you in your home…

A Pantry

A cupboard with a difference, the pantry is a more traditional kitchen feature that can store a large variety of belongings whilst also making a great design statement.

The most obvious benefit of a Pantry is all the additional storage it provides. Whether you need a home for food, drink, or even appliances – the available space is a great way to avoid any additional kitchen clutter.

It’s organisational qualities can also make day to day cooking a much easier task, with an organised pantry displaying all your available ingredients with ease. With everything you need in one place, you can avoid a last minute panic (or worse, a telephone call to the takeaway after a week of attempting to eat healthily)!

A pantry also allows you to utilise door space, so whether you want to home your pasta or store up some bottles of wine, there really is room for anything and everything.


Internal Bins

When it comes to our kitchens, there is no denying that the bin is the most unappealing necessity that I’m sure many of us would much rather live without.

That being said, there is now a solution. Internal bins are another great way that you can utilise unit storage in your new kitchen design whilst making your kitchen a nicer place to be.

The most obvious advantage of a built-in bin is it keeps all those waste-related smells concealed in a smell proof container! As well as helping you kitchen smell better, they also aid in keeping a clean and tidy kitchen by using up the minimum amount of space necessary.

These pull out waste bins also give you the option to recycle, with separate compartments available to avoid confusion when it comes to food waste, cardboard and all the glass bottles that appear at the end of dry January!



Similarly to a Pantry, a larder is another kitchen statement piece in its own right. Not only does it offer a large amount of storage for all your weekly meal ingredients, but it can also be built in to ensure it fits seemingly with the rest of your kitchen design.

Larders are adaptable to your lifestyle, with a range of pull out shelves available to store whatever you require. Whether it’s your weekly shop, or a collection of herbs and spices, there’s definitely a home for everything.

Finally, a larder can be a great option for people struggling with accessibility in their kitchen. With the pull out option of a larder, there is no leaning over to lower units or squeezing into small spaces to access the items you need.


LeMans Corner Unit

A LeMans is another inventive storage option that can be fitted in to a blind corner unit to make unreachable space accessible once more. Usually comprised of 2 trays, you can pull them out to reach whatever you’ve stored at the back – they carefully swivel around the corner to allow you full access.

The LeMans not only increases your kitchens functionality, but looks great with its sleek and modern design. Definitely one to consider if your kitchen has lots of corner units.



If you are compiling a list of requirements for your dream kitchen – don’t forget to consider storage! Make sure to check out our range of promotions running into the new year and get in touch to enquire about your home improvements today.


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